DeFi Mobile is to make its Global Access VoIP service available to iPhone owners – possibly by the new year.

Users will have access to unlimited global calling, roaming, and long distance for a monthly subscription fee.

While calls will require a WiFi connection, DeFi says it has struck global partnerships that ensure an extensive network of private and commercial connections.

The service will also offer voice-to-email, caller-ID, call-forwarding, call-hold, and call-transfer.

Customers will be given a choice of countries from which their DeFi contact number will originate from.

With packages starting from USD $40 per month there will also be the option to add three contact numbers from different countries for USD $10.

DeFi claims its Global Access is superior to standard mobile VoIP solutions in several significant ways.

Among them is the fact that calls are routed over its managed network, which is says delivers superior call quality by eliminating the “jitter” and dropped calls synonymous with other VoIP operators.

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