ADVERTORIAL. The mobile industry is pinning its hopes on smart phones as the driver of growth in difficult times. Overall mobile phone shipments are falling, but smart phones are growing and taking an increasing share of the market.

Companies such as Apple and RIM are seeing increases in demand for their devices, challenging the likes of Nokia, and leading a fundamental shift toward new device form factors and use of mobile applications by consumers and businesses.

Network operators are struggling to establish the best strategy to open up new revenue streams, while having to manage complex partnerships with strong hardware vendors, as well as other companies that have entered their world with mobile service revenue aspirations of their own, such as Google and Microsoft.

The CanalysSmart phone market trends 2009/2010” report pulls together, in a concise format, qualitative analysis of key market trends, top-level market share and shipment estimates for the leading vendors, comparative analysis of vendors’ performance and evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, and forecasts for future market development.

Smart phone market trends 2009/2010 report gives the precise and exhaustive answers to the following questions:

• Who are the leading smart phone vendors in each region?
• What impact will application stores have on operators and vendors?
• How are the different mobile operating systems evolving and why?
• Which operators have the best smart phone strategies?
• How will the different regions grow over the next five years?
• What are the biggest threats to today’s leading smart phone vendors?
• How can mobile companies make the most of growth in China?
• What are the implications of a more software-centric mobile ecosystem?
• What are the key trends in user interfaces and form factors?
• Where are the key competitive arenas for Google, Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Nokia et al?

The full report, published in August 2009, is 70 pages and includes supporting definitions and explanation of the research methodologies used, and is only available direct from Canalys – the acknowledged leading market analyst firm in this area.

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