French software developer MTag has just launched its cutting edge mobile identification solution MEEPASS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The secure ID tag works on any mobile phone and uses a 2D barcode that verifies a user’s identity without the need for the handset to be network connected.

The idea is that rather than carrying a wallet full of credit cards and ID, users’ mobile phones act as a single source of verified and secure identification.

Christian François Viala, marketing director for MTag, said the software functioned without any connection costs and didn’t use a Near Field Communication chip – so removing the Big Brother effect often associated with this type of technology.

He told that although MEEPASS was a new product the technology had been tried and tested with the company’s mobiletag barcode reader software.

Mobiletag enables a mobile to read 2D barcodes or tags using the phone’s camera – redirecting users to content, information or a service.

The software has been is widely used in France and Poland and is ready for deployment in Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK.

With MEEPASS, the solution creates a one-off 2D barcode ID tag to identify the user in situations ranging from payment transactions, loyalty programmes, ticketing and couponing.

"Why continue to carry several credit cards, loyalty cards, tickets and coupons when all you have to do is use your mobile to identify yourself instead?" said Viala.

MEEPASS uses private/public crypted RSA key 1024 bit technology and is downloaded by users, who then register with a personal PIN code.

MTag has just opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia and as part of its expansion drive targeting the US market.

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