Mobile operator T-Mobile UK has deployed HSUPA technology on a nationwide basis to improve upload speeds for users.
The operator has promised the change will result in an improvement of to fivefold in the time it takes to upload photos and videos to web sites at speeds of up to 1.4Mbps.
T-Mobile claims it is the first UK carrier to have committed to the data access protocol.
The company said it is also upgrading the download capability of its HSDPA 3G network to 7.2Mbps, initially within the M25 zone encircling London but rolling out to other major cities during the second half of the year.
T-Mobile is also trying to drive data usage, by cutting data roaming charges 80 per cent, to £1.50 per MB while travelling in EU member countries.
Customers signing up for Mobile Broadband before October will also receive a £5 discount, knocking the price down to £10 per month.
An online ‘postcode checker’ also allows potential customers to gauge the coverage and strength of 3G signal at their home.
Jim Hyde, T-Mobile UK’s chief executive, said: “Mobile Broadband has come of age.
“Today, 25 per cent of new contract customers are signing up and we expect to quadruple our user base in 2008.”

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