INTERVIEW. Leading online broadcasting company (Business Network Television) will continue taking the most of the events such as conferences to reach out to its focus market of emerging technologies. will also keep to its mission to deliver compelling and insightful content, says Michelle Sklar, vice-president of Programming and Content Management.

She said this they would achieve through “working with industry associations and event organizers to extend reach and add value to events; expanding our coverage line up; and launching a cool new Mobile site and app in Q1 2010”. took part in a three-day Mobile 2.0 Conference in Berlin, Germany, which ended on November 25.

“We conducted interviews with numerous speakers giving them the opportunity to share their experiences, successes and challenges. The interviews are posted at under Mobile 2.0 Content and Services,” said Sklar.

Michelle Sklar

Emerging Technologies

“We are an online broadcast company with a niche market focus on emerging technologies.

“We cover events in the wireless industry such as CTIA, Mobile World Congress, Mobile Marketing Association events, Informa events, Under the Radar Mobile, etc.

‘Over the last five years we have met with over 6 000 companies and told their stories – from start-ups to the power brokers of the industry,” she said.

Sklar said they would not allow technology to overtake them as they seek to remain on top in online broadcasting.

“We keep our thumb on the pulse by being event driven in our strategy to provide insightful and compelling coverage.

‘We aggregate to over 150 websites and social media sites and optimize the searchability of our content by using the latest in SEO and Social Media communication techniques,” said Sklar, whose company has reached over 3,5 million viewers a month.

She said they were playing their part in helping other players in the industry grow.

“We not only provide media coverage at industry events but we work with industry associations such as the MMA and leading event producers such as Informa to help extend their audience reach through Live broadcast programmes as well as extend to value of events to participants through premium content and DVD programmes,” said Sklar.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is increasingly becoming an issue worldwide. is however, not losing sleep over this as it has systems in place to safeguard its products and programmes.

‘We control all aspects of our content production and delivery, that is we host all of our content and pay close attention to our analytics reporting,” said Sklar.

As at June 2008, Australia had the highest incidence of cyber crime in the world, according to a global survey of nine countries by software security vendor, AVG.

The study, which canvassed 1 000 users each in Australia, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, and the Czech Republic, found that more than 39 percent of Australians had been the victim of cyber crime, compared to 32 percent in Italy, 28 percent of Americans, and just 14 percent in Sweden and Spain.


The online broadcasting industry is not without its challenges. Sklar says these are the need to continue to find new ways of delivering and monetizing content and creating tools that will help the industry better serve itself.

‘Our ( target audiences are industry professionals. They use our site as a means to keep up to date on the various companies and issues facing emerging technology businesses today,’ she said.

Sklar still gave the industry thumbs up when asked if the world was ready to embrace online broadcasting. “Oh yes… the world already has! Online content is easy to access; video on demand and broadcast enable the timely delivery of important and relevant content.

‘Globally people are online or on mobile for their daily news, weather and sports,” she said. produces both in-house and client-commissioned videos. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winmax Trading Group, Inc. with offices in New York, San Jose, California, Orlando, Florida and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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