Business has not been as usual at BlackBerry for a long time but the company continues to trudge on with constant new releases. The most recent of these releases is the heavily-leaked BlackBerry 9720, which has just been officially launched. Packed with popular social apps, this super social smartphone comes with a HHGA touchscreen and a premium look. It takes the specs of a starter smartphone to the next level.

A re-engineered and distinctly curve-like thumbpad dominates the 2.8-inch 480×360 display, and 512 MB of RAM plus 5 megapixel camera complete the package. Photo sharing has been made easier with some tweaks to the OS that deliver an onscreen button (this is far from being called revolutionary). There is also a dedicated BBM key featured to take the user directly to the messaging app.

The phone comes with the typical BlackBerry keyboard, optimal typing being a given thanks to its distinct keys. Easy navigation is facilitated by the 2.8-inch touchscreen and trackpad. With the BB 7.1 OS powering it, BlackBerry 9720 has brought an updated interface that enables you to unlock it or access the camera by swiping.

The handset will be released in Latin America, Europe, and Asia in the coming weeks.

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