Telecom service providers are competing in saturated markets and many are experiencing flat or declining margins in the economic downturn.

That’s the opinion of Jim Messer, CEO of Transverse, who said legacy back office software is often what keeps them from being agile in the marketplace.

He was speaking after Transverse was named in the "Cool Vendors in Telecom Operations Management (TOM) 2009" report by Gartner.

In the report Transverse is identified by Gartner as one of four TOM vendors worldwide who they consider to be at the cutting edge of telecom business support systems and operations support systems.

The report features an analysis of the company and its Business Support Solutions (BSS) solution blee(p).

It introduces a new way to deploy and manage back office functions and is aimed at helping service providers reduce the financial risks associated with rolling out new business models by aligning back office infrastructure with business goals.

Messer said a technology refresh of legacy, back-office systems was long overdue for many service providers.

He said Transverse’s state-of-the-art open source approach made it easier and more cost effective for service providers to take advantage of new business models.

"We’re pleased that Gartner has identified Transverse as a Cool Vendor. We’re a company that can uniquely have an impact in addressing this industry-wide problem," he said.

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