Apple has finally released the much anticipated iOS 8. The new operating system is said to be the biggest release by Apple since the introduction of the App Store. The OS comes with tons of new features, apps, and tools that allow developers to “create more amazing apps.”

Among the new apps is Health app that comes with an easy-to-read dashboard and a HealthKit tool that allows all health apps to work together. The new app allows all your health information to be revealed by just a tap.

The app is able to gather information from various types of fitness devices and health apps. It then uses the gathered info to come up with a clear, current, and comprehensive overview – in one place.

With your consent, the app is able to get all your health information from other apps, providing you with a comprehensive report that goes a long way in the overall management of your health and fitness.

The Health app also allows individual apps to collect health info from other apps, of course with your permission. For instance, if you have Nike+ apps, using NikeFuel you will be able to collect other health data such as nutrition and sleep and this builds a custom user profile that can be used to improve performance in athletics.

With the app, users can also create an emergency card that shows all the important health information in case of an accident. Such info can include your allergies, blood type, special health conditions, and so on.

With all these functionalities, the new Health app might just mark the beginning of a health revolution.

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