Amplicomms, a mobile phone company, has introduced a new phone specifically tailored for senior citizens. PowerTel M9000, nicknamed ‘Grandoid’, has a loud ringtone that makes it great for people with hearing impairment. The easy-to-read-screen also makes it ideal for people with impaired sight.

There is also an easy to access SOS button at the rear. The phone uses Android that has been really simplified so as not to confuse the older people.

On top of having louder than normal handset volume, this phone is also compatible with many hearing aids. Seniors also have the opportunity to download their favorite music onto the phone. 

The Amplicomms Power Tel M9000 also features Bluetooth and therefore it connects to a range of devices, including induction loops, other phones, computers, tablets and in-car audio system.

To add to its abilities, the phone uses a clever caller ID system that reads out the phone number.

The ‘Grandoid’ also comes with a 2-year warranty, so seniors can have considerable peace of mind.

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