Amazon tries to rethink their offers in order to make their products more attractive, given that the competition becomes fiercer. According to Wall Street Journal, with the launch of its first color tablet, Amazon might introduce a featured package that will allow users, in exchange for a $ 79/yr fee, to have access to the books from Book Store, to listen to music using the Cloud Player offer and to access movies from Amazon Instant Movie.

Moreover, Amazon is developing other applications designed to cut ground from under Netflix’s feet, one of its main rival.

According to WSJ, the subscription will be paid monthly and will allow unlimited access to Amazon services. Sources quoted by the newspaper say that publishers would be very excited about the idea of unlimited access to the Book Store, considering that the book prices differ and that introducing a general tax could depreciate the value of books.

The new tablet, called simple Kindle, like Amazon’s e-readers series, would be launched, probably, in October this year. Amazon is counting on the gadget’s success especially because the price is very competitive – only $250, the same as Barnes & Noble's Nook Color.

The tablet, full-color with 7-inch multi-touch capacitive display, will run a modified version of Android 2.2, named Kindle OS. According to, which tested a prototype version of the tablet – DVT (Design Verification Testing), the tablet does not excel in terms of hardware. It has a single core processor, only 8 GB storage capacity, no photo or video camera and features only Wi-Fi connectivity, but excels in chapter software. predicts that Amazon could also launch, in the first quarter of 2012, an improved version of Kindle that will have a dual-core processor and a 10-inch touchscreen.

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