Acer and ASUS Planning Smartphones

It’s done a good job in conquering the PC, laptop and netbook markets, now the Taiwanese electronics giant seems intent on entering the smartphone realm.

Gianfranco Lanci, Acer’s CEO, said the company plans to launch a smartphone under its own brand at the beginning of 2009.

Speaking in an interview with German financial magazine Capital Investor, Lanci said the Acer smartphone will be UMTS enabled, with a touch pad similar to the iPhone’s, and would cost around EUR 500.

Lanci also said that with Acer’s netbook manufacturring capability approaching 6 million, he expects the company to leave all competitors in that market in its wake.

For the German market, Acer will launch its netbooks bundled with mobile internet services from a German mobile operator, although Lanchi wouldn’t discuss details.

Meanwhile, following on from its P552w touchscreen phone, another Taiwanese computer giant is said to be preparing to enter the smartphone market.

Engadget says Asus is planning an Omnia-esque device that will feature a large touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, a trackball for non-touch navigation, and the predictable 3G radios / WiFi.

The smartphone from Asus, which is understood to produce smartphones for other well-known tech companies, is due to appear in November 2008.

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