HDTVs may seem wafer thin already but don’t expect the drive for even slimmer models to stop anytime soon.

The Zoran Corporation has just announced a pair of new HDTV processors that should help set manufacturers shave a tad more off their future sets.

Its new SupraHD processors eliminate multiple components from the DTV system design by integrating the TV microcontroller, 8VSB demodulator, audio codec, audio multiplexer, analog video multiplexer and a stack of other functions, including advanced audio processing and color management capabilities, into the single-chip solution.

If that wasn’t enough, Zoran said its high integration enables a more energy-efficient design, which allows DTV manufacturers to meet the federal Energy Star requirements.

Jun Kawaguchi, director of the HDTV product line in Zoran’s Home Entertainment division, said the continued integration of DTV functionality into one SoC had many advantages for both TV manufacturers and end users.

As well as reduced costs and power consumption, he told hdtv.biz-news.com that another benefit of the new SupraHD-785 and SupraHD-775 processors was that they enabled improvements to set design.

"Lower power, smaller PC boards allow design flexibility that permit thinner, smaller and lighter TVs," he said.

Kawaguchi said that by integrating multiple components into one chip, the PCB dimension can be reduced and production costs minimized.

He said reduced costs to manufacturers usually meant lower costs to consumers as well.

Other factors included improved engineering cost and schedule, which meant TV manufacturers had less engineering development burden, as multiple functionalities can be addressed by one product.

This reduces the engineering workload for manufacturer, and also accelerates engineering schedules, according to Kawaguchi.

The SupraHD® 775 and SupraHD® 785 processors integrated functions include the following:

  • TV Microcontroller and unified memory design
  • Market-proven Cascade® ATSC / NTSC / QAM demodulator
  • Audio analog-to-digital converter with 6 stereo pair inputs
  • Audio digital-to-analog converter
  • Three HDMI v.1.3 inputs
  • Advanced audio processing including virtual surround sound and audio expansion capabilities
  • Advanced color management
  • Two 1080P YPbPr analog video inputs
  • WUXGA PC analog video input
  • Three S-video inputs and four composite video inputs with 3D comb filter
  • Integrated dual channel LVDS transmitters with xvYCC Wide Color Gamut support
  • Content adaptive 1080i deinterlacer for interlaced analog video inputs
  • Six stereo pair analog audio inputs
  • Two stereo pair analog audio outputs
  • Picture-in-Picture function
  • USB 2.0 input
  • MPEG noise reduction provides block-free reception of digital transmission

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