Vuzix has announced the first wearable display glasses compatible with the new iPhone 3GS.

The iWear AV310 gives users the virtual equivalent of a 52”, 16:9 widescreen display as if viewed from a distance of nine feet.

Vuzix says the specs are compatible with both 2D and stereoscopic 3D video.

David Lock, director of Vuzix’s European operations, recently told that the company’s new Wrap glasses would transform the whole video eyewear from "geek to chic".

Certainly the AV310 wouldn’t be a problem to wear in most situations.

Weighing just 4 oz, the specs are worn like regular glasses.

As well as being compatible with the new Apple handset, Vuzix says they also support all audio/video devices with composite video-out.

A single removable AA battery gives up to 11 hours of viewing.

The AV310 retails for USD $249.95.

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