VIZIO announced that it has chosen to add WirelessHD technology and SiBEAM 60 GHz chipsets, based on the globally available WirelessHD standard, for a new line of LCD HDTVs and wireless HDMI adapters.

VIZIO is also in the process of joining WirelessHD as an Adopter with the intent of incorporating WirelessHD technology into a wide range of product offerings for the consumer.

SiBEAM is a fabless semiconductor company developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies. The company is the first to build 60 GHz chipsets using CMOS technology. The first of many applications for SiBEAM’s innovative technology is based on WirelessHD.

As with its first generation chipsets, SiBEAM’s second generation transmitter and receiver chipsets employ SiBEAM’s OmniLink60 adaptive beam-forming systems. According to the firm, these systems dynamically steer content to the specific receiving station, maintaining stable connectivity regardless of any obstacles that may obstruct its path, all while delivering the “highest quality” wireless A/V and data.

By operating at 60 GHz, the chipsets do not interfere with Wi-Fi 802.11g, 802.11n, and cordless telephone systems operating at 2.4 and 5 GHz. All SiBEAM chipsets offer data rates 20 times faster than other available options and remain the only standards based wireless technology that can transmit A/V at 4 Gbps over the air, as the company claims.

VIZIO will demonstrate WirelessHD technology using chipsets from SiBEAM in their new line of XVT Pro LCD LED HDTVs this week during the 2010 CES. SiBEAM will also be showing a WirelessHD-powered VIZIO LCD TV and Blu-ray player.

“Our customers seek out VIZIO products for their combination of advanced performance, function, form and most of all unequalled value,” said Matthew McRae, VIZIO VP of Products.

“Working together with SiBEAM, we’re thrilled to introduce WirelessHD-based products to our customers who want a complete, high quality wireless entertainment experience with easier and faster setup. By incorporating WirelessHD into a range of new products, VIZIO will be among the first to introduce wireless solutions to the mainstream market.”

VIZIO’s first WirelessHD-based products are expected to be available to consumers later this year.

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