On2 Technologies has licensed its On2 VP6 video format and software to VisualOn Inc.

VisualOn is to integrate VP6 decoding software into its multimedia application suite for mobile platforms.

These software applications allow consumers to play rich multimedia content on mobile devices without expensive dedicated hardware.

The power-efficient software codecs and multimedia applications offer everything needed to enable video, audio, and still image applications on a range of devices.

Last month, On2 Technologies announced a 1080p video encoder aimed at improving image quality and compression performance in battery operated devices and consumer electronics.

The new hardware design, the Hantro 8270, supports H.264 Baseline, Main and High Profile video along with 16Mpixel JPEG still images.

Yang Cai, CEO of VisualOn, said the widespread presence of On2 VP6 content on the web makes it an essential format for VisualOn’s product portfolio.

"Adding VP6 to our application suite will enable mobile users to watch high-quality VP6 without requiring a bleeding-edge processor or a pocketful of batteries," he said.

"Our customers as well as consumers ultimately benefit from the high quality, lower power, and reduced cost achieved through VisualOn’s partnership with On2."

On2 VP6, through its inclusion in the Adobe Flash and Sun JavaFX application platforms, has become the de facto format for web video and a fundamental requirement for Internet-connected mobile devices.

Matt Frost, COO and interim CEO of On2 Technologies, said that when compared to H.264 Baseline profile (a video format used in wireless applications) On2 VP6 content offers 10-20 per cent better video compression performance while requiring less computing power to play.

He said that as a result, VP6 enables a wider range of mobile devices to play high-quality content without sacrificing battery life.

"We are pleased to have VisualOn optimize and integrate On2 VP6 to their application suite," he said.

"They have exceptional skill and experience in delivering highly optimized multimedia software for mobile devices, and we look forward to seeing high-performance playback of our codec as an integral part of their solutions."

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