MediaRecall is to represent a collection of more than 1,100 high quality HD clips shot in Beijing for licensing in advance of this summer’s Olympics.
The subject matter of the clips is diverse, ranging from Beijing lifestyle to footage of the venues and is being made available as stock footage for use in news and editorial programmes.
Made by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), MediaRecall is to be the only company to represent the footage in the USA.
It has agreed to represent MICO (Media International Corporation), the international distributor for the film-makers, for online stock footage licensing.
Over 90% of MICO’s award-winning documentaries, drama series and animations are produced in HD format.
Taneoka Hiroaki, President of Contents Gate, a Japanese content aggregator and MediaRecall partner for Japan, said the MICO cameramen had created something very special.
“Beijing footage is very rare to begin with, let alone HD,” he said. “We expect these clips to be widely licensed for commercial use by broadcast news outlets and for editorial programs.”
Contents Gate brings Japanese content such as anime, Manga, stock footage and film to the global marketplace.
Robin Rutledge, CEO of MediaRecall Holdings, said the Beijing footage would be available immediately on, its stock footage portal.
“The Beijing Olympics is surrounded with controversy, air quality, human rights issues,” he said. “Now we have HD footage available to support these important stories.”
Rutledge said he expected “explosive growth” in online content sales throughout Asia over the next few years.
He said creating trusted relationships with Japanese partners such as Contents Gate and MICO was the only way to be successful in acquiring quality Japanese content.
“We have a very close relationship with Contents Gate, who now represents MediaRecall in Asia,” he said.
“We expect to open a full digital facility in Tokyo by the end of 2008. Hiro Taneoka, is our key representative and is aggregating unique Asian content for online and mobile monetization, both in the USA and in Asia.
MediaRecall Holdings is a major provider of video archiving digital services and online delivery to TV stations, large video archives and collections and other video content holders.

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