Innovation and focusing on the customer is ensuring the US cable network leads the digital and high-definition revolution, according to the president and CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA).
Speaking on the eve of the 2008 Cable Show in New Orleans, Kyle McSlarrow said that in the space of a few years US viewers had gone from having just nine HD networks to more than 75 today.
“You realize that in the space of literally three years, this industry has positioned itself to lead with relentless innovation,” he said.
“Our entire industry is leading the digital and high definition revolution.”
McSlarrow said that by the time the association met next year the US would have completed the broadcasters’ digital transition.

US Cable network leads the HD revolution
Mr. Kyle McSlarrow

He said he was confident the cable industry will have played a key role in the success of that change and added: “But we are also going through our own transition. When one considers that just a few years ago, most customers watched analog television…that there were only nine high definition networks and more than 75 today.

“That this year will see both the introduction of the tru2way platform and interactive televisions sold at retail, creating a national and open platform for innovation.”
As well as HDTV, McSlarrow pointed to the growth in broadband and digital phone services offered by NCTA’s members.
 He said it was the industry’s willingness to listen to its customers and to the communities it served, to invest, to innovate, and to compete, that would drive and grow members’ businesses for years to come.
Even in the face of an uncertain economy and the most intense competition ever experienced, the cable industry was growing – and growing in a way that sets it apart.
“The value proposition we offer consumers is extraordinary and it gets better, not worse, year after year,” he said.
“Cable networks invest in better content and more high definition and consumers watch more of it.
“Cable operators invest in better platforms with faster speeds and more services, and consumers want more of it.”

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