According to experts in HDTV and TV trends, worldwide shipments will drop by 1.4% during the course of 2012. NPD DisplaySearch announced the drop in their Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report, which was released earlier this month.

According to the details of that report, 245 million televisions will ship in 2012. Shipments of LCD TVs, one of the largest growth areas in the industry, will still increase by 5%. But that growth is down 2% from 2011.

DisplaySearch believes the decline is due to the market for traditional televisions shrinking, and the fact that there just aren’t as many discounts this year as there were last year. They’ve also noticed more cautious spending practices by Asian and European consumers. For reference, average prices have declined 4% in 2012, down from a 10% decline back in 2010.

According to the company’s Director of North American TV Research, the economic concerns still felt around the world are impacting both consumers and manufacturers. HDTV companies are feeling the need to hang on tighter to their profit margins, which consumers hang on to their money.

The only area that seems to be significantly growing is in large screen televisions and backlit devices. Outside of North America, emerging markets of China, Latin America and Eastern Europe, are making up for some of that consumer reluctancy, and even Africa and the Middle East are showing growth.

All in all, LCD technology is maintaining significant growth. It’s surpassed CRT and plasma devices, and now actually make up for almost 90% of worldwide television shipments.

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