With webcams now commonplace on PCs and laptops it seems natural that they should take the next step – to HDTVs.

Videoconferencing expert Emblaze VCON says it has developed technology that allows up to six different users to interact through home TV screens.

Linor Shachar, VP sales and marketing for the Israeli company, told hdtv.biz-news that it hoped to have found a partner "within months" to develop its TV videoconferencing solution.

Emblaze is best known for its desktop videoconferencing applications.

She said having the ability to videoconference from your home HDTV set was the logical "next stage" with the advent of internet-connected televisions.

"It’s very interesting and we are very confident that it will be everywhere," she said.

"We have the technology, now we are looking for a partner."

Shachar said the preferred partnership was with a TV manufacturer and the intention was to have the technology embedded rather than as a set-top box.

She said companies such as LG were already working on HDTVs with built-in cameras.

The Emblaze technology will allow a user to open up to six windows on the screen and videotalk with others.

"So, for instance, you might be watching a football match on TV and want to speak to a friend," said Shachar.

"You can do that through a window within the main TV screen."

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