A major TiVo release was last seen three and a half years ago and while the company has constantly hit the market with new features since – via software updates, hardware revisions, and accessories – it is back with a bang. TiVo Roamio Plus is the DVR the world has been waiting for since it first saw the Premiere and it is now out alongside two other new Roamio DVRs, released in the price range of $200-$600.

The DVRs feature built-in WiFi and at least four tuners. The user interface has been refreshed to include new and quick-launching YouTube and Netflix apps, as well as a What to Watch Now feature. There is also a new remote that is now independent of IR.

The Plus and Pro come integrated with TiVo Stream functionality. A cool new trick that the stream feature delivers is out-of-home streaming for recorded and live shows along with the ability to download shows to iOS devices when out of home. The feature will be coming to the Roamio in the fall but it has been tested with a Tivo Stream transcoder.

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