Tiny LCD Step Closer to Mobile HD

Casio has unveiled a two-inch LCD that brings the arrival of HD video on mobile devices a large step closer.

With a resolution of 960×540 the company is rightfully excited that its latest offering gives its sharpest display yet.

By contrast, LCD screens on PMPs usually come with a screen resolution of 800×480.

The size and resolution of the new screens makes them ideal for use on future cell phones, digital cameras, and portable media players.

The display uses a new Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT LCD with an extremely small pixel structure and 15.5 micron dot pitch.

The output is a full quarter that of 1080p HD and results in an extremely dense 546 pixels per inch, giving the final image its excellent quality.

Casio said that despite the advances in resolution images still carry a complete 16.7 million colors and have a 160-degree viewing arc from any direction.

No information has been released on when the new two-inch LCD will start shipping.

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