Samsung is to unveil a flat-panel HDTV measuring a waif-like 6.5-millimeters at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The TV set is reported to be between 6.5mm and 7mm across its width and has an LED (light emitting diode) backlight.

There are suggestions that the TV tuner is not actually in Samsung’s set – located instead in a base station.

That aside, if the dimensions are confirmed it would be the thinnest LCD TV yet demonstrated.

Currently that accolade is held by Philips, which unveiled an 8mm prototype LCD television at the IFA electronics show in Berlin last year.

At the same event Sony showed a 9.9mm set that is already available – making it the thinnest LCD TV in retail stores.

Samsung has a news conference for Wednesday at which the TV set is expected to take centre stage.

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