Samsung Electronics has come first in a customer loyalty survey in the US for both its HDTVs and DVD players.
The company was winner in the two categories in the Loyalty Engagement Index, a nationwide survey carried out by Brand Keys Customer.
It identifies brands that are best able to engage consumers by meeting or exceeding their expectations, which creates loyal customers.
The report forecasts which products consumers are most likely to purchase over the next 12 to 18 months.
In both the HDTV (LCD) and DVD player categories, consumer preferences were based on product design and performance.
Tim Baxter, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, said: “Winning these awards reaffirms Samsung’s dedication to provide products with a level of design and functionality that enhances any consumer’s home entertainment setup.”
Last year, Samsung won a Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Award for HDTVs (CRT), as well as honours for HDTVs and DVD players in the 2006 edition.
Robert Passikoff, President at Brand Keys, said the Samsung brand had managed to find a niche for itself, where it means something beyond just electronic equipment to the consumer.
“Customers remain loyal to brands that resonate with values and Samsung achieves this by providing products that resonate with the customer,” he said.
“A lot of brands don’t have that connection.”

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