The market for ambient DVDs may still be in its early days – but if HD Coolvision’s offering is anything to go by it could take off very quickly.

The LA-based start-up has released The Moon, a DVD of high-def footage of this celestial wonder intended to be displayed as video artwork on flat-panel HDTVs.

Filmed using high-end HD cameras by a professional cinematographer the stunning images are accompanied by an original music score  (see Silvery White MOON video after the break).

Bruno Bonugli, owner and managing partner of HD Coolvision, told that the idea behind ambient DVDs is to allow consumers to use their HDTVs to display video imagery and set the tone in a room.

He said the concept was still relatively unheard of, despite the fact that many households now had flat-panel TVs.

Recent research showed that more than 39 million US households have an HDTV set – and the figure keeps rising.

"The biggest thing is that people still do not know what ambient DVDs are," he said.

"I have many friends with big, flat-panel TVs who have never heard of them. That’s one of the hurdles we have to overcome."

The Moon is HD Coolvision’s first ambient DVD. Among the options on the disc are "orange moon" rising shots, "distant moon" shots and a "white moon" moving across the screen in real time and slowed down versions.

Another feature is moon facts that can be displayed on screen.

Bonugli and his business partner, Dan Gorski, both Columbia College film graduates, said they have plans for future ambient DVDs.

After choosing the moon as the subject Bonugli said they asked a friend who was a professional cinematographer to do the filming in HD for the DVD.

"We researched the market and found that nobody really had a live view of the moon," he said.

The pair are confident that the ambient DVD market will take off in a big way.

"We have competitors out there who are putting a lot into promoting their products," said Bonugli. "They see something in this new market too."

The Moon is available for USD $19.99.

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