Home viewers are eagerly placing advance orders for a Sony 4K HD Video Player, included with each purchase of its 84-inch XBR-84X900 LED TV for a total "One Sony" experience that incorporates all of its electronics and entertainment capabilities into one black box.

Phil Molyneux, Sony Electronics COO, told us this is something "only Sony can do." Obtainable exclusively with this particular HDTV on a no-cost lease, this is the first-ever 4K player for the residential consumer. Finally, we have the long-awaited details of what the new video player entails. Incorporated within the workings of the 84-inch screen, the 4K player is a hard-disc server in its own right. We'll be among the earliest proud recipients of a specimen model when the product is launched.

The 4K comes pre-loaded with a small collection full-length feature films, including Total Recall (2012), Taxi Driver, The Amazing Spider-Man (refer to press release for a complete list of titles), along with brief sports clips from Red Bull and concert footage. The package comes with a remote controller in the form of an Experia Tablet S app along the same lines as its Movies Unlimited service. Ah, that would explain at least some of the eye-watering MRSP of $24,999.99. This is the first opportunity the home viewer will have the opportunity to experience this quality of 4K video under their own roof. By "home viewer" we are clearly not referring to your average university student living away from home for the first time, but purchasers with the means to acquire high-end gear.

You've got to ask yourself if the human eye is even capable of discerning the difference in quality between bog-standard HD and 4K, or will all but the most well-heeled viewer look at it and see a late model two-door convertible. Kaz Hirai is counting on it. Having invested in its Colorworks digital production studio in 2009, white glove task force dedicated to updating content, not to mention two mega high-spec CinaAlta 4K camcorders (complete with matching prices), we can expect more of the same from Sony.

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