Over 21 million LCD TVs were sold in the first three months of 2008 compared to 2.8 million plasma sets, according to a data compiled by research firm DisplaySearch.
The total number of TVs sold during the period was 46.1 million, up only 1% compared to sales in 2007.
The slow-down in sales is largely attributed to a weaker US economy.
Overall revenue rose 8%, however, to $24.8 billion USD, thanks to increasing sales of larger, more expensive LCD and plasma displays.
Aging CRT TVs were still the best selling, with 22.1 million sold, with LCD closely behind at 21.1 million.
Plasma and rear projection televisions had sales of 2.8 million and 134,000 sold respectively.
Year-over-year CRT sales were down 21%, LCD up 45%, plasma up 20% and RPTV down 79%.
In terms of brands, Samsung led in revenue for the 9th straight quarter, with an impressive 39% year-over-year growth
Flat panel TV demand is expected to be strong overall in 2008 and manufacturers are to use smaller screen sizes and low-cost models to stimulate demand among price conscious consumers.
This strategy is also expected to be adopted to maintain growth in mature markets, particularly as many consumers look to buy their second or third flat panel TV.
In terms of brand, Samsung was the global brand share leader in revenues for the ninth straight quarter, improving to more than 20% for the first time on robust 39% year-on-year growth.
Samsung also had the top ranking on a unit basis. Sony was ranked second on a revenue basis for the third straight quarter, declining about a point to 13.2% revenue share after a very strong Q4 performance.
LGE remained in third place, leveraging a second place unit share position to offset lower ASPs.

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