Panasonic has unveiled what it claims are the world’s first Blu-ray recorders with two integrated Freesat receivers and an internal hard drive.

Freesat is a UK free-to-air digital satellite television service that is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV.

Making the announcement at its European press launch in Amsterdam this week, Panasonic said the DMR-BS850 will feature a 500GB hard drive along with a Blu-ray player and recorder.

The company will also be releasing a smaller version, the 250GB BS750.

Both will offer support for Panasonic’s new Internet content delivery service, Viera Cast.

Since the players are equipped with twin HD tuners, users will be able to record content from one channel while watching another one.

Both machines are Freesat+ compatible, so pausing and rewinding on-demand will also be possible.

The two models have integrated SD memory card slots and, although Panasonic didn’t confirm it, it will also be possible to record Freesat-recorded content onto a Blu-ray Disc.

The new recorders will launch in May but no price details have been released.

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