NVIDIA, along with the PC manufacturers, notebook panel manufacturers, and content developers, announced the expansion of the NVIDIA 3D Vision ecosystem to include HD notebook platforms that integrate advanced 120Hz 3D Vision-capable displays directly into the chassis for on-the-go 3D.

NVIDIA says they have worked closely with display manufacturers, including CPT, LG, CMO, and Samsung, to bring 120Hz 3D Vision-capable panels to notebook platforms.

These new displays provide 2D capability with crystal clear images, but also deliver flicker-free 3D, with support for high definition playback of 3D games, movies, and photographs.

With notebook displays available, PC manufacturers are now able to bring 3D Vision notebooks to market. Notebooks will include the 120Hz 3D Vision-capable panel and bundle 3D Vision active-shutter glasses.

David Choi, Vice President of LG said LG Display is planning to fully support NVIDIA 3D Vision technology with their next generation of 120Hz notebook panels.

SH Moon, Vice President of Samsung said, “Samsung LCD Division is fully behind NVIDIA’s 3D Vision ecosystem.”

“NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology provides the best 3D experience that we have seen, and we look forward to bringing this technology to market on notebook panels,” he added.

The first notebook utilizing NVIDIA 3D Vision is the G51J 3D, introduced last week by ASUS.

Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and 64-bit Windows 7, the G51J 3D comes with NVIDIA GeForceGTX 260M with 1GB DDR3 video memory, 15".6 HD LED backlight 1366 x 768 display, dual SATA HDD support, DVD Super-multi / Blu-ray Combo drive and, of course, a pair of 3D Vision active-shutter glasses coupled with a wide-range infra-red emitter.

The GPU driver and a 120Hz 3D panel render each scene twice, delivering up to 60 images evenly to each eye, amounting to a total of up to 120 images at any given time.

Clevo, a Taiwan-based notebook manufacturer, is supposed to introduce its first 3D Vision supported notebook in 2010. Stephen Chien, WW Sales and Marketing VP at Clevo said, “The era of 3D is upon us, and immersive 3D gaming and movie watching is indeed an exciting proposition.”

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