Netflix has reached its target of 500,000 Blu-ray subscribers ahead of schedule.

The retailer’s chief financial officer Barry McCarthy said subscribers had added the option of paying an extra USD $1 to receive Blu-ray Disc titles at a quicker rate than Netflix forecast in October.

While prices of Blu-ray players have dropped sharply recently, the same has not been true of disc prices. This may have benefitted Netflix’s HD rental service as new Blu-ray player owners look to rent moviest rather than buy them.

Netflix expects the Blu-ray service to help boost total subscribers to about 9 million by the end of the year.

To continue its high-def push, Netflix will promote Blu-ray inside its mailing envelopes next year.

As well as providing the Blu-ray option, the company has boosted subscribers by offering its listing of over 12,000 video-streaming titles available for TV viewing through TiVo digital video recorders.

Last week, Netflix also began offering an HD download service on two Samsung Blu-ray players.

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