NEC Electronics has announced a new chip that reduces blurring when SD images and video are expanded and displayed in 1920 x 1080 resolution HDTVs.

The µPD9280GM is also capable of supporting one billion colors (30-bits color depths – or "Deep Color"), which enhances color vividness and accuracy of display, according to the company.

Another feature of the super-resolution ASSP is an increased operating frequency of 150 megahertz (MHz), compared to the previous 108 MHz.

This enables the advanced processing of image data and boosts images with higher resolution even on full HD television broadcasts.

The µPD9280GM’s super-resolution technology also enables high-resolution processing with just one frame of image data.

This reduced processing load eliminates the need for expensive, external high-capacity memory.

Conventional image-resolution technologies use a multiframe technique to process image data, which require large-capacity external memory – making it expensive and difficult to create hardware capable of real-time processing.

NEC said the new chip will help to better archive valuable images, data and memories previously recorded with only low-resolution technology in various applications, from security camera and automotive backup camera to medical endoscope.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in July 2009, starting from 100,000 units per month, and expected to reach approximately 1,000,000 units by 2010.

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