LG is working hard towards being the leader in the smart-TV industry by creating a good number of impressive TVs. The company has released 105-inch corved 4K ULTRA HD TV: model 105UB9. 

The 105” U-HD TV is LG’s first 100+ inch curved TV and the company plans to follow this up with 49”, 55” and 65” versions. This is another notable achievement after the company initiated the introduction of curved OLED TV screens.

LG indicated that it would be releasing 68 new models in its 2014 releases, with 49” televisions leading the pack.

The new smart TVs runs on the webOS Smart TV platform bought from Hewlett-Packard. LG had modified the OS after the purchase and brought it back as its own for its smart TVs.

Over 70% of LG’s smart TVs will be running on the new operating system in 2014. Early January saw its presentation at CES.

Its user friendliness is a feature that makes it stand out among other similar operating systems. The feature allows users to carry out tasks like content searching and connecting to other smart devices very easily.

According to the President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, the company is looking forward to making great strides in the smart TV market. Its webOS smart TV platform, ULTRA IPS, CINEMA 3D display technologies will play a significant role in placing LG on the ‘to watch’ list this year.

LG's Ultra HD Engine Pro, which has a 3840 x 2160 resolution processing power, is responsible for its 4K quality.

LG and Harman Kardon are working together to improve its sound system.

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