JVC is launching a super slim 42-inch LCD TV monitor that features a color space that is wider than a typical HDTV’s.

The company says this effectively means the JVC Xiview LT-42WX70 has established a new category in flat panel TV design.

It is being targeted at digital imaging professionals and enthusiasts using high-end digital SLR cameras.

JVC claims the set allows them for the first time to see the subtle colors, details and textures of their images faithfully reproduced.

According to a company statement, the monitor features expanded color space capacity encompassing 100 per cent of HDTV broadcasting’s (sRGB.904) color space.

It also has a coverage rate of 96 per cent for Adobe RGB — a color space for still photographs taken on high-definition digital SLR cameras.

This allows it to provide accurate reproduction of both video and still photographs.

Depending on the source signal – video or stills – the user selects a color mode from among Wide (the TV’s color space), Normal (ITU-R BT.709; HDTV standards), x.v.Color (xvYCC extended gamut), sRGB (same primaries as HDTV) and Adobe RGB.

The LT-42WX70 also features 52 picture-quality adjustment properties for tweaking both still and video images source-by-source to the exact colors and tones the user prefers.

In addition, JVC’s GENESSA Picture Engine produces video images without blur, color bleed or noise for clear images with smooth movement.

The JVC LT-42WX70 is available now and is priced at USD $2,399.95.

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