VIDEO INTERVIEW. “After watching Blu-ray video or other HD content, you will never go back to Standard Definition,” assured Konstantin Dyshlevoy, Chairmain of HDI Dune, interviewed by at IFA 2009.

During this year’s Berlin exhibition HDI Dune was showing its new versions of hybrid Blu-ray/HD media players that have been recognized as “IFA 2009 INNOVATION”.

Don’t miss the part of the video in which Konstantin gives his own explanation on why the world economic crisis has positively affected the HD market.

HDI Dune was the first to presente hybrid Blu-ray/HD media player solution nearly one year ago, at IFA 2008. New 3.0 players come with all the features of hybrid devices developed and polished during this year on Prime/Base 1.0/2.0 products on 8634 chip, including full support of Blu-ray and DVD ISO images and directory structures (inc. menu, subtitles, sound tracks, BD-J, BD-Live features, etc), auto frame-rate feature, full support of MKV (inc. high bit-rate) and SMB/UPnP resources browser.

The BD Prime model includes Blu-ray drive and is capable of playing Blu-ray and DVD discs as long as nearly any files from a diversity of storage types which can be connected via USB, eSATA or Ethernet/Wi-Fi. The HD Base model doesn’t contain Blu-ray drive but has a compartment for easy changeable 3.5" DATA HDD.

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