This year, when it comes to new TV technology, all eyes are on the curved 4K TVs as was the case at this early January’s CES. The Samsung UN65HU9000 stood out at the show because apart from its attractive stature, it paraded remarkable UHD (other name for 4K) image. This is what caught our eyes. 

The quality of the picture is just amazing. Let’s just say that the HU9000 has outdone many 4K TVs at picture quality and this includes all the Samsung and LG 4K televisions that we reviewed last year so I could say it’s quite an impressive TV. The pack of high tech features fitted into this 65 – inch television have done a good job of up scaling its quality of pictures.

The wide color range and high color saturation that are this TV’s major strongholds are owed to the innovative PurColor engine from Samsung which makes it possible for colors to appear close to their original picture; almost like being at a movie theatre. It is important to note that 4K TVs resolution is 4 times that of your usual HD television so pictures have to be up scaled for these TVs for better, sharper images enabled by its technology.

The local – dimming is another of HU9000’s secret to its crispy images. The way it works is that pixels are deactivated on parts of the screen to get the deep contrast that plasma TV viewers enjoy and this feature is coming at an opportune time when plasma TVs are reducing so it couldn’t be more welcome.

Nothing is final about the picture quality until we have a look at the TV in the lab but Samsung’s good record of producing high quality TVs could back this one up. The UN65HU9000 will be in the stores this year and will be a TV to look forward to for UHD TV enthusiasts.

The curved design and other features

Curved TVs have the better picture quality and aura than flat TV and this is from a practical demonstration which made me really like the new curved TVs. To me, the curved UN65HU9000 is just stunning.

The ‘Areno Arena’ is Samsung’s name for this design. The curved silver stand does a good job at complementing the curved metallic gray screen. Viewers who prefer their TV on the wall can do so even with the curves 1.2 inch panel.

The HU9000 price will go deep into people’s pockets but it may be more affordable than the Sony X950B and even Samsung S9. All in all, we can wait to see how this TV does in the lab.

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