Hewlett-Packard is just the latest PC OEM to learn a lesson about straying from its core business, according to Michael Wolf, Digital Home research director at ABI Research.

Wolf’s comments follow reports that suggest HP is about to cease production of its HP MediaSmart LCD TV range in favor of focusing efforts on their HP MediaSmart Connect extender.

Citing the experiences of Dell and Gateway, he asserts that it’s hard for a PC company to make a business in living room consumer electronics.

"What was interesting about HP’s business was their focus on next-generation network connected HDTVs, adding Media Center functionality and IP connectivity to all of their devices," he said in his blog.

"I don’t think this exit is so much a judgement on the idea of Internet connected HDTVs as it is on the ability of a PC OEM to enter a business that is much different than its core PC business.

"PC brands, particularly around high-end systems like an HDTV, haven’t been successful at transferring their brands."

Wolf’s advice to others considering entering new markets is to start a wholly new brand.

He said this allows consumers to develop their own fresh connotations around the new brand – rather than associating it with established brands linked to "IT" or "PC".

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