Portugal’s leading cable provider ZON has doubled the take-up of its HD DVR.

Called the ZON Box, it was installed in 93,000 homes in the first quarter of 2009, pushing total installations up to 184,000 – 12 per cent of the total customer base.

ZON has attributed the success of the high-def product to an increase in per subscriber RGUs to 1.94, as ARPU grew by 3.5 per cent year-on-year to EUROS 32.7.

The total number of subscribers receiving digital extended basic increased from 399,800 to 539,600.

Premium pay-TV subscribers increased slightly to 835,300.

Operating Revenues increased to EUROS 201.5 million in 1Q09, a year on year growth of 7.1 per cent giving an EBITDA increased to EUROS 64.3 million.

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