With prices of Blu-ray players and discs falling, the high-def format appears to be making some headway after a hesitant start.

But public ignorance of what hardware is required to fully enjoy Blu-ray is preventing even greater uptake, according to the British Video Association.

So much so that it has launched a new website with interactive guides to explain to consumers how they can get the best out of their equipment.

Blurayrevolution.co.uk will also spell out the importance of having an HD-ready TV, a Blu-ray player and a Blu-ray disc to obtain the highest-quality home entertainment possible.

"One of the current barriers to broader adoption of Blu-ray among mainstream consumers is misunderstanding of the hardware components needed to deliver maximum high-definition images and sound in the home," the BVA explained in a statement.

A collaborative venture between hardware manufacturers, film studios and distributors supporting the high-def format, the website aims to become the online Blu-ray authority.

As well as educating the public, it will raise public awareness about the benefits of Blu-ray and be a source of Blu-ray news.

This will include information about new and forthcoming title releases and hardware player launches.

The BVA said the launch of the website comes amid increasing optimism for the growth of the format in 2009.

UK Blu-ray disc sales are forecast to rise to over 17 million over the next 12 months, according to Screen Digest, which equates to 7 per cent of current DVD volumes, but 14 per cent of DVD sales value.

Hardware sales of stand-alone Blu-ray disc players are expected to hit one million this year, with the total Blu-ray hardware installed base in the UK hitting 4 million – 1.2 million stand-alone players and 2.8 million PS3 units.

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