Growth Towards 3D HDTV Gains Pace

Panasonic has submitted a proposal for a 3D Blu-ray standard to the Blu-ray Disc Association.

The standard would offer guidelines for creating "left/right-eye two-channel full HD images".

Hiroshi Miyai, Panasonic’s director of AV developments, said that the changes should be quite simple, claiming that the discs would simply need some kind of flag to identify image data, equipment and other elements supporting 3D imagery.

"We really don’t need any other major changes," he said.

Panasonic’s submission comes as Korea’s LG announces its intentions to bring 3D TVs to some markets in 2009.

Choon Lee, vice president director of LG’s Digital TV Research Lab, gave no specific information about the launch details other than that one or two unspecified markets will be getting the technology.

He said the tech itself would undergo a slight change to existing Blu-ray technology and use the media to keep costs to buyers down.

In Japan, viewers receive two hours of 3D programming daily over satellite broadcasts.

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