A third of videoconferencing managers report that the economic crisis is likely to lead to an accelerated deployment of equipment rather than a slowdown.

A survey from Wainhouse Research reports that customers are continuing to invest in "visual collaboration solutions", even in the current economic climate.

It says the two largest drivers for this are travel reduction and improved decision making.

Nearly a quarter of respondents have either deployed telepresence suites or are planning on deploying within one year.

It’s not just full-room telepresence systems that are experiencing growth but videoconferencing solutions generally, including desktop videoconferencing applications.

Wainhouse’s annual survey of videoconferencing end users indicates that in the past year, both interest in and purchases of more advanced visual solutions have increased dramatically.

The results shows that 32 per cent of respondents have systems that can now support 720p HD videoconferencing.

To support these and other unified communications applications, customers are continuing their migration to IP, with users reporting that 76 per cent of video calls now take place on an IP network – up from 66 per cent one year earlier.

In addition, interest in integrating videoconferencing to unified communications platforms has grown significantly, according to the report.

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