Contemporary Research will demonstrate the QMOD-HDSC, the AV industry’s first digital signage-centric HDTV modulator, in Booth 6210 at InfoComm2010 in Las Vegas June 9 to 11.

“The QMOD-HDSC HDTV Scaler/Modulator shows that digital signage isn’t just for Ethernet anymore,” says Scott Hetzler, president of Contemporary Research.

“Now you can broadcast signage over an existing broadband network as easily as a digital cable channel. In fact, many are already doing just that, employing the popular QMOD-HD modulator with an HD scaler. Signage PCs always need treatment with a scaler because VGA doesn’t exactly match 16:9 HDTV standards.

“With the new QMOD-HDSC, the HD video scaler is already inside the modulator. And not just any scaler – QMOD-HDSC features a powerful in-stream scaler with less loss in analog-to-digital conversion, and a wide range of options,” Hetzler stated.

The new modulator can ingest VGA resolutions, upscale SD-quality signage, adjust positioning, and zoom, shrink, and precisely correct overscanning at displays. By using dedicated processors for scaling, encoding and modulation, the QMOD-HDSC delivers superb image control and broadcast-quality motion graphics and video.

The versatile integrated HDTV modulator accepts VGA, Component, S-Video and composite video, plus digital and analog audio. GPI inputs trigger EAS from the composite video/stereo ports. Front-panel buttons and LCD display simplify setup, and the QMOD-HDSC mounts two-across in a one rack space.

Doug Engstrom, CR director for technical communications says, “We’ve partnered with many HDTV digital signage applications over the past year. The input from integrators was that using a scaler in concert with the QMOD-HD delivers the best results. Integrating in-stream scaling within the QMOD greatly simplifies installation, saves rack space, and improves performance. We listen to our integrators, and the QMOD-HDSC is the result.”

About Contemporary Research

Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products, HDTV display control, digital signage and tuning. CR also supports a proven line of analog TV tuners, closed-captioning tools and commercial and educational media systems. For more information about Contemporary Research products, visit us on the web at or call (888) 972-2728.

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