An Australian consumer body has called for small consumer electronics devices to carry energy-usage labels following a survey into power consumption.
Tests carried out by Sydney-based CHOICE showed that a PlayStation3 left on but not in use would cost Aus$250 annually in electricity – over five times more than a medium-sized fridge.
The survey found the usage cost for the Xbox 360 was not much lower.
In Australia, white goods must carry the energy-efficiency star labels by law, but while the Federal Government has recently discussed introducing such a scheme for computers and monitors, currently there is no such requirement.
Christopher Zinn, CHOICE’s media spokesman, said consumers were unaware of consumption rates for some smaller electronic devices.
He said mandatory energy-usage labels should be introduced for computer products sold in Australia.
“While we hope no one actually leaves their games console on for a whole year 24/7, the figures are indicative of just how much electricity these small devices can chew their way through,” he said.

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