Technology that delivers multiple HDTV streams from PCs to TVs and other electronic devices around the home could be launched by the summer.

Israeli-based Celeno Communications is field-testing in-home WiFi networks with backing from Cisco.

Celeno, which manufactures semiconductors for multimedia WiFi home networking applications, has created technology that upgrades the transmission portion of the WiFi network but works with existing receivers such as set-top boxes.

The company says the product is almost ready for commercial deployment and would be built into broadband access gateways.

Celeno’s OptimizAIR technology uses 5 GHz spectrum, not the 2.4 GHz spectrum used in current WiFi data networks.

It uses standard PHY and MAC layers but adds proprietary algorithms that the company says can double the throughput of standard 802.11 WiFi and increase the range of the signals by as much as eight times.

Technology additions include Spatial Channel Awareness and Beam-Forming MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs).

The company said it can stream HD video 120 feet, through four brick walls and more than three floors.

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