NextIO technology allows real-time video encoding at under 3Mbps – making it possible to deliver live HDTV at compression up to six times higher than current rates

Cable, satellite and IPTV providers will be able to pack more HD video onto limited bandwidth using technology developed by NextIO and Broadcast International.

The pair have teamed up to combine NextIO’s ExpressConnect solution and BI’s ultra-high speed video compression technology.

In a statement released before the IPTV North America show in Chicago, the companies said that the combined technologies would “change the video distribution world” by making it possible for video providers to deliver live HDTV at compression levels four to six times higher than is currently possible.

Conservation of limited bandwidth resources has become a critical requirement in the broadcast, cable, satellite, mobile and IPTV markets, especially as bandwidth-intensive, high-definition video becomes the industry standard.

At the Chicago show, NextIO, specialists in virtualized I/O solutions, and Broadcast International, producers of low-bandwidth video compression software, demonstrated a real-time video encoding at under 3Mbps.

This is compared to the MPEG 2 standard of 19.4 Mbps at which most HD video is transmitted.
The two companies say this will enable video providers to pack more HD video onto limited bandwidth.

In a statement released before the Chicago show, they said the NextIO technology solves one of the most important challenges encountered by high-speed HD video transmission – limited and limiting input/output (I/O) throughput.

“The ultra-high speed connections provided by the Next/I/O’s PCI Express-based ExpressConnect solutions allow maximum and scalable data flow to the system, commensurate with the processing power of the IBM BladeCenter environment,” the statement said.

“This input speed, combined with the unrivaled power of the underlying CPU technology, enables BI’s CodecSys video compression software to deliver encoded HD video in real-time at breakthrough rates, under 3 Mbps.”

Rod Tiede, CEO of Broadcast International, said the technology offered an “unmatched solution” to the challenge of video compression.
“The scalability of the NextI/O design provides us the ability to deliver a large number of high definition video inputs to our system without delays and to take full advantage of the processing capabilities of the IBM platform,” he said.
“Our aim is to shatter the bandwidth barrier completely with our solution.”

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