Boxee is extending its media center access to Windows and will shortly change its "alpha" status to "beta".

The open source media site has also announced four major new app partnerships that will be available to everyone downloading its software.

While Boxee has been available for Linux computers and Macs, it was only possible to get it for Windows as an invite-only alpha.

Despite this it has gained enthusiastic following for its support of almost any major file type and Internet apps.

Boxee has promised to keep the three platforms in sync as the service undergoes updates and upgrades.

With around 120 apps in the Boxee App Box, users can now chose from the likes of, Current, Digg, and Tumblr.

Among the new partnerships announced at its App Developer Challenge in San Francisco, the Major League Baseball one is the most interesting.

The MLB arrangement marks Boxee’s first live streaming deal. Premium subs can now stream games through Boxee’s system in full HD from anywhere in the country on their TV.

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