Bose is known internationally for their audio systems, but the VideoWave II, the next generation of their popular original home theater offering, gives users a 55-inch HDTV and all that is needed for a full home theater.

As does the 46-inch in the first VideoWave, the larger HDTV now includes LED backlighting, a significant upgrade over their initial product line. And the 55-inch set features a slimmer profile, for better wall placement.

The HDTV set has also been given a facelift, with an aluminum-finish bezel and matching click pad remote. The set handles full 1080p resolution and a solid 120 Hz front panel. The magic of Bose takes over in the rear, with their patented waveguide technology running six woofers. Add that to the PhaseGuide sound radiator and you’ve got the power and impact of seven distinct speakers.

The software is just as smart as the hardware in the VideoWave II. Bose’s ADAPTIQ audio technology customizes the sound settings for maximum quality in the room. It actually bounces sound off the ceiling and the opposite wall, recreating a seamless surround sound experience. It’s a stunning effect, and removes all the clutter of speakers from your space.

The HDTV set ships with a console unit that accepts inputs from a wide range of devices, including most cable and satellite boxes, Blu-Ray machines, mobile devices and game consoles. The remote has junked infrared reading in favor of radio frequencies, so anything you plug in can be safely stowed away without a connection loss. Add on a dedicated iPod dock, and you’ve truly got all you need for home entertainment.

The price may be the best part, as purchase delivery and installation is only $5,999. It’s easily mounted on the wall, but also comes with a stand for your entertainment center.

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