Boinx Software has launched a new tool for video podcasters that turns a Mac into a live video recording studio.

Called BoinxTV, it’s an audiovisual mixing application that allows one person to edit high quality recordings live.

Aimed at video podcasters or for providing coverage of events, it works with up to three cameras and allows for on-the-fly camera switching, transitions, lower thirds, graphics, logos, crawlers, graphs, title, and so on.

Created jointly with The Coding Monkeys, the beauty of BoinxTV for video podcasters is that once filming is finished they have a QuickTime movie that requires no post production.

Oliver Breidenbach, CEO and co-founder of Boinx Software, said the application was going to give more people access to high quality production software that allowed them to create video content.

He told hdtv-biz-news BoinxTV was a "game changer" because it made it easy to create professional ‘TV style’ recordings – at an affordable price.

"It’s going to be much more fun and much more appealing to do videos on a regular basis," he said. "But the price is also making this technology available to a much broader audience than before.

"We are not going to replace the million dollar equipment used in the broadcasting industry but BoinxTV gives people the ability to make professional-looking shows."

Breidenbach said they had already received very positive feedback from professionals in the US that provided local content to affiliate TV stations.

He said Boinx’s software meant, for example, a football game could be coverered using three cameras and edited live from the stadium using a MacBook Pro rather than undergoing a lengthy post-match production process.

Breidenbach said HD content was an important aspect of BoinxTV and there was no limit to the resolution that could be used in projects.

However, he said there were still streaming and bandwidth issues to be resolved.

"My feeling is that many people are looking at HD but no-one really knows where it is going," he said.

"At the moment they are perfectly content with lower resolution, that is 720p, which is still thought of as advanced.

"HD is very important for us as a future direction but we made a decision that we did not want to delay shipping BoinxTV.

"In the meantime, we will keep working on whatever we can do to optimise the code."

Another HD issue was hardware limitations but that required action from Apple.

"I would expect improvements to the operating system will help in that direction as well," said Breidenbach.

"In about 6-9 months we will be able to do full HD and ultimately there will be even higher resolution."

Another future upgrade to BoinxTV will be live streaming, a feature that Breidenbach said was already possible but not in the most convenient form.

Currently, it is possible to stream content live using an encoding box or using software.

"In the future we will provide live streaming from the application," he said. "For now we provide a live streaming solution that’s workable but not very convenient."

BoinxTV can be downloaded at for USD $499.

The BoinxTV Sponsored Edition costs USD $199 (single license) and requires a credit for BoinxTV in every video created with BoinxTV.

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