Blue Ray Technologies expansion includes Hollywood plant to serve new BD and HD demand

Blue Ray Technologies is planning to open multiple Blu-Ray disc production facilities across the U.S, starting with a facility near Hollywood to be close to the indie and major studios that have now all adopted Blu-ray.
The new facilities are designed to be capable of handling the next generation of movie and game discs, Blue-ray 2.0, which gives an interactive web dimension to the consumer, and offer up to “five layers of entertainment”, according to BRT founder Erick Hansen.

Hansen, whose Hollywood move puts him closer to the studios he has worked with for years, has also been in negotiations with the major studios through an affiliated company for downloadable high definition content over the Internet.
While being a pioneer in DVD and now championing Blu-ray discs, Hansen also believes in delivering the best in movie and game content in whatever form the consumer wants it.
With the end of the format war, and 70% of the US having bought or buying HD screens (according to Nielsen figures) there is an “overwhelming” demand now for instant products in Blu-ray. Hansen says this is the present and future in the arena.
He said this means multiple production and shipping locations are needed to serve the demand, something never done before at this end of the industry.
Especially for TV shows, ranging from major sports reality TV shows, audiences want the programmes quickly.
The company is upgrading its Spokane, WA, plant and the new facilities will be closer to Hollywood studios and networks.
“We are looking for additional facilities in Southern California for the overwhelming demand for Blu-ray,” said Hansen.
He added: “We will be looking to add additional capacity in the Mid-West and East Coast.”
BRT’s expansion plans extend beyond the US: “By the end of the year, we will be working with strategic partnerships in Europe to build a world-class global digital distribution system.”

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