Blockbuster is to be the latest online video-on-demand service to appear on TiVo DVRs.

The pair announced today that they are working to make Blockbuster’s service available on all TiVo Series2 and Series3 DVRs (including the HD and HD XL models) in the second half of 2009.

The deal means TiVo’s hardware will appear on the shelves of local video rental stores, while Blockbuster’s service will get exposure to millions of new users.

It also means that TiVo adds Blockbuster to a list of available streaming video that already includes Netflix, CinemaNow and more.

In November, Blockbuster launched a movie rental service via set-top boxes.

It offered a STB made by 2Wire that plays downloaded movies.

Jim Keyes, Blockbuster chairman and CEO, said working with TiVo enabled subscribers to access movies not only through his company’s OnDemand service but also from their stores and by-mail service as well.

"Regardless of a film’s availability – through VOD or on DVD – we want to work with TiVo to provide their subscribers unprecedented access to movie content," he said.

Tom Rogers, president and CEO of TiVo, said joining with Blockbuster made TiVo a "one-stop shop" for any content thru broadband or linear distribution straight to the TV.

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