Best Buy is kicking off an online-exclusive save early pre-Black Friday sale. This means that there will not be an outdoor waiting in line since it is an online sale. There are numerous perks that you can get from the Best Buy’s pre-Black Friday sale without standing in line and fighting crowds. Best Buy is also offering free shipping for customers who make purchases for over twenty five dollars.

Shoppers will save money on big savings on the pre-Black Friday sale on products and will also save on travelling costs.

One of the featured products on sale is the VIZIO-E-Series Class LED 1080p-120Hz-Smart 55” HDTV. The TV will be available for $729.00, down from $799.00. Some people may not see the seventy dollars as a big deal. However, waiting for black Friday sale may not guarantee that the prices will be lower. Shoppers may be forced to spend hours in line only to find that the product is not available or has a higher price tag.

You can also purchase the Sharp 32 inch LED 1080p-60Hz HDTV. The smaller but amazing TV goes for $269.00, offering you twenty dollars in savings. Again, this is not a very large saving, but you are guaranteed of buying the television without fighting the crowds.

Best Buy wishes to get shoppers buying before Black Friday since it will come a bit late this year. Shoppers can either opt to get the amazing deals now or patiently wait for the biggest shopping day.

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