After a series of postponements Belkin has finally said it will not be releasing its FlyWire wireless HDMI accessory.

According to the company, the decision not to offer the FlyWire for sale has been taken because of the current state of the economy.

With an expecteds retail price of USD $1,499, Belkin felt it would be "out of line" given the global economic situation.

The cancellation comes after a number of postponements following the Flywire’s first appearance at CES 2008.

The initially promising-sounding wireless device streams 1080p HD content from multiple HDMI inputs to HDTV televisions using the 5GHz band.

The unit is a transmitter/receiver combo – and since the tiny receiver required only AC power and utilized a single HDMI output, it could be stealthily mounted behind wall-mounted flat screens or ceiling mounted projectors.

The FlyWire’s disappointing no-show suggests that the future for HDMI consumer technology is bleak.

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